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Before & After

  • Water Damaged Wedding Gown Restored

    This 35 year old beaded gown was carefully restored using delicate bleach baths

  • Painted Leather Jacket Saved

    This cowhide jacket was in a heavy fire and needed delicate leather refinishing

  • Antiqe American Flag Saved

    This 30 foot tall, cotton, antique, American flag was cleaned

  • Child’s Hand-knit Dress Saved After Flood

  • Antique Dress Saved After Flood

  • Hand-Made Heirloom Children’s Gown Restored

  • Flood Damaged Dress Saved

  • Impossibly Filthy Dress Cleaned After Water Damage

  • Rust, Mold, Mildew and Grease Removed From Cleaning

  • Irreplaceable Child’s Outfit Saved from Flood Loss

  • Vest Brought Back to Life After Severe Flood

  • Dust, Dirt, Debris and Odor Cleaned from Vest After Hurricane Sandy

  • Original Civil War Era Vest Saved After Flood

  • Hand-Made, Antique Quilt Completely Restored After Fire

  • Rust and Dirty Water Stains Removed from Bedskirt After Roof Leak

  • Mold Damage Removed from Silk Blazer After Basement Flood

  • Wool Overcoat With Smoke Damage Cleaned After Fire

  • Heavy Soot Damage Removed from Cashmere Coat

  • Authentic CIvil War Uniform Restored After Flood

  • Plush Toy Teddy Bear Restored After Fire and Flood

    Rust Stained Teddy Bear Saved After Flood Damage to Home

  • Christening Outfit Restored and Stains Removed

  • Flithy, White, Down, Feather Jacket Cleaned and Restored Oil Removed

  • Imported Antique Sofa Restored After Water Leak

    Dye stains needed to be individually removed from this one of a kind couch

  • Mols Stains Removed from Custom Drapery after Water Leak

    The lining of these county club drapes was salvaged with meticulous stain removal

  • Antique, Hand-Sewn, Birth Announcement Pillow Restored

    This emotional item was carefully cleaned and bleached back to its original splendor

  • Red Epoxy Stains Removed from Giant, Custom Wool Rug

    Each paw print needed to be carefully removed from this one-of-a-kind carpet

  • Severe Heat and Soot was Removed from this fleece Jacket

  • Strong Odor and Smoke Damage was Cleaned from this Flanel Shirt

  • White Cotton Golf Shirt Restored after Fire

  • Severe Rusty Water Stains Removed from this Irreplaceable Family Heirloom

  • Custom Horse-Hide Rug Saved After Water Leak

  • Trousers Saved After Bad Fire Loss

  • Linen and Jute Upholstery Fabric Saved After Ceiling Leak

  • Greasy Soot Stain from Firemen Removed for Skirt of Sofa

  • Yellow Water Stains Removed from Sheer Ramie and Silk Blouse

  • Hunter Douglas Luminette Sheer Shades Cleaned After Fire

  • Black Smooth Leather Ottoman Restored After Moldy Flood

  • Hand-Knotted Wool Rug Restored from Soot Marks and Stains

  • Acrylic Paint Spill Removed from Cleaning Custom Drapery Valance

  • Severe Flood Damage Along Bottom of Drapery Panel Restored

  • Red Wine Stains Removed from Velevet Upholstered Furniture

  • Color from Dye Bleed Damage Reversed on Middle Eastern Robe

  • Rusty Water Leak on Wool Rug Removed

  • Mark and Stain from Chair Leg Removed from Antique Oriental Wool Rug

  • Hunter Douglas Honey Comb Pleated Shade Cleaned After Window Leak

    The severe rust staining was able to be removed using our Aquamist Process

  • Exceptionally Stained Lace Curtains with both Fire and Water Damage Restored

    A severe fire on the second floor of this Brooklyn home left these custom drapes completely saturated with filthy and sooty water

  • The Orange Rust Stain on this Designer Gaberdine Twill Jacket was Removed

  • This Original Girl Scout Uniform was Saved from Rusty Water Stains

  • This Hand-Made Ethnic Gown was Saved after the Fire

  • Even the Intircate Beading of this Tribal Gown was Restored

  • Sheer Draperies Involved in Storm Damage were Saved

  • This Silk Roman Shade was Cleaned and Restored from Water Stains

  • Heavy Soot and Staining was Removed from this Custom Window Shade

  • Our Aquamist Process Restored this Hunter Douglas Shade

  • Hunter Douglas Shade with Cigarette Smoke Stains Cleaned Like New

  • 5-Ft Tall FAO Schwartz Stuffed Toy Snowman Saved from Rust Stains

  • Firefighter Footprints Removed from Custom Carpeting After Fire

  • White Acrylic Sweater Restored from Smoke Damage

  • Heavily Soiled Ugg Boots Saved after Fire-Damage

  • Water Stains on Velvet Chairs Restored

  • Antique Chairs with Crushed Velvet Marks Restored

  • Vintage Theater Chair with Damaged Velvet Restored

  • Crushed Silk Velvet Walls Restored

  • Water Stain Removed from Decorator Valance on Cornice Board

  • Dye Staining Rmeoved from Upholstered Club Chair

  • Satin Gown with Water Stains Cleaned

  • Water Mark on Cotton Drapery Fabric Removed

  • Process of Removing the Water Stains from Custom Decorator Fabric

  • Process of Removing Water Stains from Silk Sheers

  • Pink Dye Stains Removed from Antique Linen Dress

  • Smoke Stains Removed from Silk Dress Shirt

  • Flood Damage Removed from Skirt of Whie Couch

  • Soot Staining Cleaned from Designer Wool Trousers

  • White Slacks Restored After Heavy Fire and Soot Damage

  • White Dress with Water Damage Reversed

  • Bottom of Silk Pleated Draperies Saved After Flood Damage

  • Hand-knit Children’s Sweater Saved from Massive Soot Contamination

  • Stains Removed from White Sweater

  • Oriental Rug Restored After Fire and Sheetrock Dust Damage

  • Vintage US Sailor Cap Saved After Flood Damage

  • Intense Rust Stains Removed from Wool Carpet

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